My Life with Multiple Chronic Illnesses, Including Lyme Disease

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New beginnings....


This is my first post on my new Lyme disease blog.  It will be a short one, just to kick off the site so to speak.

I have several other blogs that I maintain (rather haphazardly since I've been so ill), and if you wish to visit them out of curiosity, the best way is to go to my "home page", here.  As you will see, I blog about my autoimmune diseases (including celiac disease), gluten free living and my favorite gluten free recipes.  I also blog about my adopted daughter (biological granddaughter) Emma and her inspiring story of (day by day) overcoming the limitations imposed by her very rare medical conditions.  And last but not least, I occasionally blog about being both a scientist (an astronomer) and a Christian.

But the focus of this blog will be LYME DISEASE.  And the so-called "co-infections"...when I was diagnosed I tested positive for Babesia and Ehrlichiosis (HME).  I've since received a clinical diagnosis of Bartonella as well.  My titers for EBV and CMV have been extremely high at times.

Here I plan to discuss Lyme disease and what it has done to me.  What it has stolen from me (hopefully temporarily). And my treatments and progress back towards health (or lack thereof).  Hopefully some of you will find this information to be helpful.

BTW, the name of this blog is not completely original....I'm aware of a very humorous Lyme blog called With a Twist of Lyme by Dr. Wiseass (?!?), and another one called called simply Twist of Lyme, by Jamie....and there may be others out there with similar names.

Sadly, the first blog I mentioned has not been updated since 2007, and the second seems to have stopped sometime in 2005.  I hope that this means that both blog authors have regained their health!  And I also hope that they will forgive me for borrowing the "Twist of Lyme" idea from them for my blog.

To those of you who have Lyme or even suspect you MAY have Lyme, may God grant you peace and healing.

More soon....

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